United Learning Network

What We Do?

United Learning Network is an international platform dedicated to create an Un-Learning* experience for inspired individuals of all ages, professions and backgrounds. In the age of unreason* (today☺), linear correlations are no longer valid, hence we can not base our predictions on past events, experience or the so-called “absolute truth”. Learning/Teaching -as we know it- is over!

Learning Experience Design

Curriculum Development

Curriculum development includes a variety of activities such as the creation of planned curriculum, pedagogy, instruction and delivery methods.

Content Development

Assessment & Feedback

Why We Do?

– Why do we need to “learn” Master?
– Because we need to cope with the world and adapt to survive grasshopper.

This imaginary conversation between Master Po and The Young KCC reveals our approach to learning: it must be designed and experienced so as to help us for life, not just for school. Yet, here “life” is a critical and examined one in which every second is an opportunity to observe and immerse in multiple realities, to go with the flow, experiment and “know”. Learning makes life a valuable and meaningful journey, that’s why we devoted ours to share this experimence* with our fellow learning partners and network members. *an experience offering the observation of already-known phenomena along with an experiment to see new frontiers and non-observed facts.



Zeynep Ayral

Founding Member


Nilay Yanardağ

Content Development Expert


Damla Bozdoğan

Learning Objects Creator


Mine Öztürk

Connection & Development Chaordinator


Nihan Sığırcı

Learning Designer


Ecmel Ayral

Member, Senior Unlearner

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