United Learning Network is an international platform dedicated to create an Un-Learning* experience for inspired individuals of all ages, professions and backgrounds. In the age of unreason* (today☺), linear correlations are no longer valid, hence we can not base our predictions on past events, experience or the so-called “absolute truth”. Learning/Teaching -as we know it- is over! Now, we need to UnLearn and ReLearn continuously. United Learning Network brings curious minds of all sorts to facilitate this virtuous cycle.


The assessment of learner’s progress is a crucial step of effective education and training programs for organizations and/or individuals. Programs based on well-conducted assessments lead to changes in learned behavior.


A course syllabus is a learning plan for students and a requirement for every course. The syllabus is used by the instructor to plan, organize, and direct the course and it is also the guiding tool for students. Online learning environments require extremely well designed and meticulously structured syllabus.


Curriculum development includes a variety of activities such as the creation of planned curriculum, pedagogy, instruction and delivery methods. Curriculum development has 5 steps; ANALYSIS / DESIGN / MATCH / FORMATION / REVIEW


Learning material should appeal to more than one sense of the learner to be learnt and internalized. That’s why we excel in multimedia production and post production. From scenario building to graphic illustration we cover and integrate all the phases of the process


It is widely recognized that feedback is an important part of the learning cycle; grading is non-sense if it doesn’t offer an enlightening feedback. UnLearn embeds assessment and feedback within the learning process.


Teachers must do more than developing new technical skills to be a part of this new way of learning. Online development and delivery require new pedagogical approaches, challenging traditional practices. We support them through this transformative journey.

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- Why do we need to “learn” Master? - Because we need to cope with the world and adapt to survive grasshopper.
We need to learn, but then unlearn and relearn.

This imaginary conversation between Master Po and The Young KCC reveals our approach to learning: it must be designed and experienced so as to help us for life, not just for school. Yet, here “life” is a critical and examined one in which every second is an opportunity to observe and immerse in multiple realities, to go with the flow, experiment and “know”. Learning makes life a valuable and meaningful journey, that’s why we devoted ours to share this experimence* with our fellow learning partners and network members. *an experience offering the observation of already-known phenomena along with an experiment to see new frontiers and non-observed facts

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Our core team is composed of learning enthusiasts with different backgrounds, competencies and skills complementing and enriching each other: education professionals, organizational development scholars, project developers, graphic artists, manufacturing experts. We are all supported by and tight-knit with a global network of curious minds and enthusiastic souls.
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Ecmel Ayral

Founding Member
Professor of Organisation Theory and Strategy in Boğaziçi University and Istanbul Bilgi University Sentenced To Life Time Studying
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Mine Öztürk

Founding Member – Connection and Development Chaordinator
Can run very fast while juggling torches
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Nilay Yanardağ

Member – Content Development Expert
The unlearn master
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Seçkin Çidam

Member – Learning Objects Expert (Ed-Tech)
Beware : He can write code on you !!
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Nihan Sigirci

Member – Educational Designer
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Damla Bozdağ

Junior Unlearner

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